Statement Organisation about Clubteams

In consultation with Belgian Cycling, and in order to increase safety in the race, the board of Cycling Team Tilt has decided to limit the number of teams at the start of the UCI WE 1.1 "Craywinckelhof - Omloop van het Hageland" of Sunday February 25, 2024 to 25. The selection of these 25 teams, which represent a total of 150 riders, was mainly based on the quality of the registered teams. With 12 Women World Teams at the start, completed with the best Belgian and international UCI teams, we can speak of an unprecedented field of participants in our race! There will undoubtedly be fierce racing on the steep hills and cobbled roads of the Hageland, for the win in this now classic spring race!

The offer of so many renowned, interested teams made the board decide not to allow any club teams at the start this time. In this way, no team of that level will be favored or disadvantaged. We hope that these club teams will be able to fully enjoy themselves in the 1.15.2 race Brussels-Opwijk on the same date!

More details and names of participants in our "Craywinckelhof - Omloop van het Hageland" will follow as soon as teams will announce their riders!

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